Spring Racing Fashion 2017 – Hat Couture & What’s hot this spring!

  • When it comes to sporting a hat this spring, we’re here to help you find your winning race day or spring party designer headwear ! Be a material girl for the spring racing season by wearing straw, feathers, leather & lace crowns, veining, boater & hats small & large brims. There is nothing worse than a felt hat with a shoe-string dress. Check out my 2017 Spring Collection.
  • The hat plusmore ! The last time I purchased a hat some many years ago I made a rookie mistake of adding the stick- on- terry towelling band on the inside of the hat to make it fit my head. I learnt that ” You wear your hat on top of your whole body, not just on your head” and on the day I noticed that my ears were sitting well inside my hat, so that is why I took up millinery to learn how to make the hat fit my small head size. A guiding principle to compliment your hat is all about the TILT! If it goes in any direction it’s to the right !
  • Wear it like you mean it! Instead of being hung up on your face shape and hats don’t suit me ! Maybe try on the milliners range and see what style and colour suits your faceshape! Experiment .. It’s all about how you wear it as well !

  • Will I have hat hair and how do I keep my hat on my head! To dust it or not to dust it !! Short hair may I suggest using Osis Dust it. You should be able to find it from any hairdresser that sells Schwazkopf products.  I use it all the time given I have short hair.  Also make sure you secure the comb in your hair after applying this product. It may feel like dreadlocks but that is exactly what it does and your hat wont move all day !


  • Long hair secrets! make sure your hair is dry before placing on a hat, otherwise it will leave a ring. Also work with the milliner and hairdresser so as they know how your hat sits on your head and where to place your bun..


  • The Frill of it All ! You should never have to hang onto your hat on the day as on occasions I have seen ladies sporting the elastic under the chin instead of under the hair ! Also make sure your hat elastic matches the colour of your hair, I have seen ladies with black hair sporting a blonde colour hat elastic and the same with bobby pins..


  • Health Tips for Hats ! Over the years I have watched clients leave the race track swinging their hats around like a parasol, I say handle with care !! Also hats do not respond well to water, consider using a rain protector/umbrella (but not your hat) if it rains ! Store your hat in a dry place, support your crown with acid free tissue paper.. Always handle your headwear by the base or headband


  • The Final Selection ! Supported by the right accessories and have your fashion performance lifted to dazzling heights and its all about attention to detail. Wear it like u mean it, with a spring in your step, and a cheeky smile !





Tess Rob

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