Sandy announced in the Top 20 Finalists

The 2019 Melbourne International Millinery Competition (MIMC) Top 20 Finalists were announced on Saturday 16th February 2019.

On registration of the MIMC competition each milliner was given a designer’s photograph, short video and description of their design.  Sample swatches of the materials sent in the mail to work from. It was my pleasure to make designer headwear for Ernest Creations by Dani Stewart.

Here is Dani’s Design Statement:

Whispered Warrior

Whispered Warrior is inspired by iconic women through history who embraced their soft, flirty feminine side and used it as their greatest strength.  Exploring a balance between hard and soft, showing we don’t have to choose between them, but can be everything.

A minimalist colour palette of soft greys with accents of metallic and print create a backdrop for the structure to define the collection. Whispered Warrior seeks to create invisible structure, experimenting with different underlining and materials, engineering and sculpturing looks. While still maintaining the sheer quality of my printed silk organza, softly draped to create lightness.  Contrasted with my fierce 3D printed lace and leather corset armour to create the ultimate hard soft.

This is my Design Statement by Sandy Aslett Milliner:


“Andromeda” was designed in tonal paper straw each base shape. Having twists and turns then hand blocked and mitred together.  Added features of two-tone painted bronze & silver mesh spears add to the delight of the design and height.  Swarovski gave my design an little bit of sparkle.  I loved my designer headwear and enjoyed having a challenge in presenting and showcasing my quality millinery to the judges, designer and audience.

Credits to:

Hats by Sandy A designer of headwear

MIMC 2019

The Essential Hat

Photographer Stavros Sakellaris


Tess Rob

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